Includes Diplomas and Degrees


I was not that great at school, especially as my primary schooling was in very large classes. In grade 4, there were 45 students in my class and more in earlier years. Secondary was a bit better and by the end of year 10, I was in the top 10%. As this school did not go higher than year 10, I had to change schools for my final years. Although it took me two years to pass Year 11 with six subjects (Maths 1 Maths 2 Chemistry Physics Biology Economics), I could not do year 12 as I had not passed English.

Initial Tertiary Qualifications

I left school, started working and studied my first year of a Diploma of Chemistry at a Technology school part time taking English and Chemistry. For the next few years, I studied part time until I ended up doing my final year in 1972 full time. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, I finished my Diploma of Chemistry. In 1974, I started teaching and completed a Diploma or Education (Special methods Mathematics and Science). In 1975, I did more study and converted my Diploma into a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chemistry).

Final Tertiary Qualifications

When I came to Perth in 1984, I embarked on a Graduate Diploma of Computer Studies (part time) at WACAE and completed that with distinction. I then continued my studies completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (part time) at Curtin University and completed that with distinction as well. I then was invited to undertake a Master of Science (Computer Science) by research at Curtin University (part time) which I also completed. Most of these years of study was throught scholarships - Thank you. My thesis is here