About me



I was born in Melbourne and I am the second eldest in a family of six children, 4 boys and 2 girls. We lived in a semi-rural community on the then outskirts of Melbourne. I attended a one-room school for my first year of school and a government high school for the last two years of school. The rest of my schooling was in a catholic primary and secondary school.

I was a member of the boy scout movement as a cub, scout, senior scout and rover scout. I was in Gang Show for about 5 years but never played a leading role. I loved going camping, hiking, fishing and exploring with my family and fellow scouting friends.

I met my wife, Jan, when she was a friend of my sister. We married when I was 23. My son was born 12 months later and my two daughters a few years apart after that. I now have four grand-daughters and three grand-sons.

I first came to Western Australia when I was 21 along with my younger brother and a friend. We stayed almost a year. While in WA, I worked mostly for an exploration company and was able to see most of WA.

Upon my return to Melbourne, I completed my first diploma, married Jan, became a teacher and graduated with a degree in Chemistry. After working as a teacher for one year, I returned to WA and worked for 5 years and one term in district high schools and rural senior high schools. I returned to Melbourne, spent one unpleasant year teaching in the worst school I have ever worked in and then moved to Bougaineville Island as a training officer for Bougainville Copper Limited for two years. I returned to WA, taught maths and computing in a government Senior High School for 13 years and then almost 20 years an a non government school as HOD Tehnology, Computer Coordinator and then Manager ICT. I am now retired.

Other Interests

In 1980, I joined a computer-in-education interest group that later became the Educational Computer Association of Western Australia. When I returned to WA to live in Perth, I rejoined the group and was an active member for about 30 years. During that time, I was the President, Secondary Coordinator and Conference convenor on several occcasions. I also joined the Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue where I was a crew member, radio operator and TL3 instructor. I have been with them for more than 30 years and am a life member. I am now a senior radio operator and a radio watch coordinator.

Post Retiring

Now that I have retired, I have to keep myself busy. I am riding up to 60km/week on my bike and keeping in touch with fellow cyclists. I am a guest judge for WAITTA and have been for a few years now. I am still involved with Sea Rescue and have taken on an IT role within the group. I am learning how to program the Raspbery Pi and Arduino. I have joined a group called the Game Changer Awards committee. I am active on a few photographic forums on facebook. I have made 9+ garden beds and am growing vegetables and herbs for the kitchen. And of course, I take lots of photos and learn new ways to process them.